How To Order

2.  Select any "Click Here For Photos " button.

It will take you to the screen below..........

2020-05-14 (1).png

3.  Select The Date & Location of your visit.

2020-05-14 (3).png

4.  Select the Photo Group you are in.  These will vary depending on different photos.

2020-05-14 (4).png

5.  Select the Photos you want to purchase.  If multiple select the gold star and they will be placed in the cart.  You can filter your search with the slider bar by time also.

2020-05-14 (5).png

6.  Once selected the photos show up here.  Select how you want each photo processed.  Digital downloads are emailed to you, other items are shipped.  Click the add to cart button.

2020-05-14 (6).png
2020-05-14 (7).png

7.  Click the Checkout Button and enter your info into the secure server and that's it.  Very Simple.  If you have any issues or questions please contact us.